"A positive trend that we as a sustainable roastery also support"

Bio Caffè, the perfect blend of taste and sustainability


January 17, 2023

The classic Italian espresso has become an essential part of Italy, where the preparation of caffè has now become a discipline in its own right, combining pleasure, science and art. Over the past few years, Italians have continued to bring their espresso to perfection, making it famous around the world and even creating a kind of coffeelover cult in some countries. Due to the increasing awareness of sustainability in our consumer society, the demand for organic coffee has also grown during the past decades. This is a positive trend that we as a sustainable roastery also support and thus offer a new suitable product, the Bio Caffè, to coffee lovers who value sustainable enjoyment above all.

"The cultivation process is 100% free of chemically synthetic substances."

Fair & Transparent

In general, organic coffees are a new type of coffee cultivated under strict guidelines to ensure that green coffee beans are not only sustainable, but also offer the highest quality and the best taste at the same time.

The cultivation of organic coffee is 100% free of chemically synthetic substances. Thus, on the one hand, only fertilizers of natural origin are used for plant fertilization and, on the other hand, pest control is carried out biodynamically. In biodynamic pest control, mainly insects, such as ants, are used specifically for the physical control of pests, which makes it possible to avoid the use of chemical pesticides and fungicides. In addition, to protect the coffee plants from sun and weather, the coffee plantations are surrounded by banana trees, which serve as natural sun protection for the coffee plantation.

Harvesting is also done using organic methods, where coffee beans are processed gently and sustainably. We purchase the coffee beans for our Caffè Bio exclusively from organic farming areas in Nicaragua, Honduras and India, with a 100% traceable and transparent supply chain, ensuring a fair income for the farmers and producers in the cultivation country. This also allows us to officially certify our product with the quality mark IT-BIO-006 as ICEA-G2569 operator.

"The perfect blend of tradition and sustainability."

Bio Certified

Apart from the strictly separated storage and roasting, our Bio Caffè is produced in a traditional way, as our other blends, to maintain the characteristic taste of an espresso. The raw organic coffee beans are gently roasted by hand at low temperatures and with longer roasting times, which later allows us to give the espresso its chocolaty and slightly acidic aroma. Caffè Martella's Bio Caffè is thus an excellent choice for those who appreciate the pleasure of a classic espresso and at the same time want to support the sustainable production of coffee. The perfect blend of tradition and sustainability.

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